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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Genius Income--Housewive's Must read

Urmila is a mother of two young children - the boy is 2 years old and the girl is six months old. "I have a baby-sitter and so I have plenty of time at my disposal. I am looking for a good home based self-employment opportunity. I am ready to learn new things and work hard. I can invest a few thousand rupees in the project," Urmila told me.
I looked at her kids and then told Urmila, "Einstein and Marie Curie are cute." Urmila smiled broadly and said, "He is Chandan and she is Charu." I said, "Well, if you want you can rename them as Einstein and Marie."
Urmila eyes did not hide her confusion. "I think you have something in your mind. What are you up to?" she asked me. "If you teach your kids English, Science, Arts and Mathematics now, they will be as intelligent as Nobel laureates when they grow."
"They are kids! They are too young to learn and how can I teach them anything now?" Urmila exclaimed. "Have you ever heard about flash cards?"
"Oh, yes. Teachers use those small rectangular cards to teach difficult lessons to their students," Urmila said. "Each flash card contains a bit of useful information. It can have simple information such as 3X4 = 12 or a difficult one such as complicated integration formula. You are supposed to look at it and/or hear it for a few seconds at regular intervals for a certain number of times. Such spaced repetition of multi-sensory presentation helps your mind record the bits of knowledge permanently in its secret chambers. Glenn Doman is an American healthcare worker. A few years ago he discovered that through flash card method you can make your young children intelligent." I told Urmila.
"I think flash cards have been in existence for centuries," Urmila said. "Yes, you are right. Glen Doman did not create flash cards. He discovered that by using flash cards you can accelerate the learning process of infants and young kids. He believes that the tiny children have within them the capacity to learn virtually anything while they are tiny. He wants to give all parents the knowledge required to make highly intelligent, extremely capable, and delightful children, and, by so doing, to make a highly humane, sane and decent world," I told Urmila.
"I would like to teach my kids using this system. Where can I learn it? And you have not yet answered my original question about a self-employment project," Urmila reminded me.
"I am trying to get two fruits with one stone – I don’t want to kill birds." I said with a smile, "As a mother, you will try to learn the system perfectly so that you can use the knowledge to make your kids highly intelligent. You can make money by inspiring mothers and by imparting this knowledge to them. Any mother will happily give you fat fees, if you can make their kids intelligent."

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Urmila’s eyes began to shine. "That’s a wonderful idea," she said. "In our country population keeps growing. The income of most families is increasing. So, you have big market that can afford to pay you well," I told her and whispered, "There are no competitors in this field! It’s true that there are many learning centers. But they don’t teach to mothers of tiny tots. There are just a handful of people in this field. If you run this business professionally, you will have overwhelming response from the market."
"How will I get clients?" Urmila asked. "It’s simple. Talk to the nurses and assistants in the maternity hospitals in your area. Request them to spread your message for some referral fees. Give the best possible service and products at an affordable price to your clients. Happy clients will bring more and more new clients," I told Urmila and continued, "Once you become an expert at one-to-one coaching, you can go for group coaching. You can start a coaching center. You can appoint franchisees. You can create supporting products such as worksheets, flashcards and software and market them through baby shops, websites, hospitals and schools." (Though the possibilities are infinite, the column space is finite! I will write a business plan for this project soon.)
"Is it difficult to learn this system?" Urmila asked me. "Any one, even a below average person, can easily learn it in less than half an hour! It is not a complicated computer science. The secret of success in this project lies in three things: your sustained effort, your right attitude and your true love for the children," I replied.
"Where can I get more information?" Urmila asked me. "Search the web for details on the two books ‘How to Teach Your Baby to Read’ and ‘How to Teach Your Baby Math’ by Glenn Doman and if possible buy them. They will be your starting point. Learn them well, teach your children and then teach other parents. Develop your own system. Glenn Doman does not have affiliates nor authorize others to use his system. Never use his name to promote your business."
Urmila sent me a mail after four months. ‘I don’t know to whom I owe my gratitude: you or Glenn Doman. My kids are able to recognize difficult words, flags of different nations, mathematical formulae and a wealth of other information. Their intelligence has multiplied. I don’t care whether this is a short term phenomenon or long term one. My kids and I have great moments together each day. Yesterday, I got two clients through the recommendation of a labor nurse. I worked for three hours and earned Rs.1,200. This is the first income in my life.’

How to Make Money from Credit Cards

"I avoid friends. I don't take telephone calls. I don't sleep even for a minute. I tell lies. I don't attend meetings..." Rakesh gave me a long list of things that were the direct outcomes of his problem - credit card debts. Sounds familiar?
"I am working in a big company. A few years ago, dozens of banks and finance companies issued credit cards to me without my asking. When I signed up for the cards, I thought 'I will never use these credit cards. Even if I use them I will pay the bills in full every month. However, I will get and hold them for a rainy day.' But, slowly, over time, I got into the habit of using credit cards and now I am in deep trouble. I have exhausted the limit on all cards and monthly payments on all my credit cards are overdue." Rakesh narrated the history of his credit card debt problem.
"Have you thought about how to solve your credit card debt problem?" I asked him.
"That has been my only preoccupation for the past few months," Rakesh said, "I have two ideas. I can run away from this city and become a fugitive. Or I can declare bankruptcy." He was very serious about his ideas.
"Can't you think of something positive? Why don't you come up with an idea or plan to repay your credit card debts in full?" I asked him.
"My monthly salary is Rs.12,000. I pay 70% of my salary to my creditors. I have borrowed from all my friends and relatives. I have not paid even rent for the past three months. I don't know when the house owner will throw me out. It is only a matter of time. I have debts to the extent of Rs.2,00,000. My problem is insoluble," Rakesh said.
"How many litres of water can you pour into one litre bottle?" I asked Rakesh. He looked offended for a moment. But he replied, "The bottle can not contain more than one litre."
"We are like bottles and the issues are like content. Every man has a capacity. He can never get into a problem that is more than his capacity. So, you have the capacity to solve all your problems. You will never get into a problem that is insoluble," I told him.
"Thanks for your positive words. Unfortunately, my creditors will not accept such philosophical explanations. They want only their money back," Rakesh said.

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"The solution to your problem is already built in the problem. I am sure you know, by this time, everything about credit cards," I said.
"Yes, Yes. I know more about credit cards than the creator of the credit card!" Rakesh said.
"Share your knowledge about credit cards with others. Make money in the process. And, repay your credit cards in full," I told Rakesh.
"Is it possible? I am not a professional financial advisor or a practicing accountant. I am willing to work hard and explore all new opportunities. Please explain to me what you have in your mind," Rakesh showed genuine interest in knowing the details of the project.
"Internet exists because of content. People with knowledge created this content. Internet users read the content and gain knowledge. If you have good knowledge that will be useful to others, you can make money with it. Millions of people carry and use credit cards. So, you have a wide audience base. Do you know every third credit card holder has some problem with his card? Create a website, blog, forum, bulletin board, eBook, software, manual, guide or service to help these people. You will make money." I told Rakesh.
"Will people pay me for my work?" Rakesh was doubtful. "You can create a website that helps people find out the right type of card, manage credit cards and get out of debt trap and get sponsorship from a bank. If you have good traffic to your website, banks will pay you good money. Or you can sell your guide or eBook in digital form. There are many ways to make money on internet. You can go for affiliate programs, referral programs, impression revenue or click revenue. You can learn about these methods in an hour or two," I explained to Rakesh about these methods in detail.
I met Rakesh after five months. "I have started to repay my debts," Rakesh said with a smile. "That’s wonderful news. What did you do to solve your insoluble problem?" I asked him.
"In the first month, I visited dozens of websites that have information on credit cards. I learnt what they do and how they make money. In the second month, I learnt how to create website and promote it. In the third month, I learnt to write my thoughts and create content. In the fourth month I prepared business plan and launched my website. This is the fifth month. I have made Rs.8,000. I feel it is going to be a regular income from this month onwards and I am sure the income will go up and up. I have repaid in full the card that had the least balance. I think very soon I will repay all my debts," Rakesh spoke in a cheerful voice.
"I am glad to hear that. I will meet you after a few months to discuss how to invest your savings," I told Rakesh with a smile.

Cash from Coupons

Sundar is a clerk in a nationalized bank. He was free from 5 pm to 9 pm every day till a few months ago as he did not have any friends and was not interested in socializing with people. A perfect candidate for doing online business! He used to spend a minimum of 4 hours a day browsing the Internet just because he does not know what else to do.
I wrote an article about making money through free offers and coupons in Money Spinners column recently. “I understood the concept well. Still I feel it is above my head. Can you please give me a stripped down version of the same concept? I want something as simple as copying and pasting. I am contented in earning Rs.3,000 extra pocket money,” said Sundar.
“I am glad that the article inspired you. Can you tell me whatever you know about coupons?” I asked Sundar. He replied, “I will tell you what I read in Encyclopedia. In marketing a coupon is a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. Customarily, coupons are issued by manufacturers of consumer packaged goods or by retailers, to be used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions. They are often widely distributed through mail, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and mobile devices such as cell phones. Internet coupons have become popular recently, because there is no postal cost. Mobile coupons have emerged as a new and green alternative as no printing is required whatsoever. Mobile coupons as a method of coupon redemption are gaining in popularity as more consumers utilize their mobile devices for uses beyond voice.”
“What are Internet coupons?” I asked. He replied, “Online retailers often refer to Internet Coupons as "coupon codes," "promotional codes," "promotion codes," "discount codes," "key codes," "promo codes," "shopping codes," "voucher codes" or "source codes." Internet coupons typically provide for reduced cost or free shipping, a specific dollar or percentage discount, or some other offer to encourage consumers to purchase specific products or to purchase from specific retailers. Manufacturers and retailers also consider Internet Coupons to be those that resemble traditional "offline" coupons, but can be printed from a user's computer and redeemed in-store.”

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“Excellent. There are hundreds of websites that post Internet coupons. Every day visit these websites, collect coupons that are current, legal and valid and post them on your websites. Simultaneously promote your website. You will make money,” I told him.
“Is making money that easy?” he asked. I said, “In theory yes and in practice no. Unless you come up with fresh working coupons every day, visitors will not come back to your site. Repeat traffic is the silver key to online income. Unless you are an online business person, you will never understand how difficult it is to update a website every day.”
“Can you give me some tips on running this project?” Sundar asked. Though there are hundreds of types of coupons, it is better to concentrate on coupons for Internet related online services such as domain names registration and web hosting services. Though there are many ways to make money, I think online ads and commission sharing methods will work for you. Online ads are those contextual ads and banners ads from companies like Google. The other way is to become affiliate of online service providers and get your special coupons. Ask your visitors to use your coupons, buy the service, and email you the bill and proof of payment. Based on this information you can find out from your affiliate account how much commission you have earned on this particular customer account. You can split the commission between you and him. For example, if an online service provider offers you $100 commission, tell your customer that you’ll give him $50 on receipt of the proof. You are happy because you make a cool $50 and the customer is happy because he makes $50 that he would not have received had he signed up directly. Hundreds of web entrepreneurs are doing it. You too can do it. It is easy because it does not involve writing or creating, original, readable content. But remember you will not be able to make big money through this method unless you automate the process.”
“I understand. I’m just looking for some pocket money without any investment,” said Sundar with a big smile.
Do I have to add that Sundar is running a blog and making Rs.2,000 a month? It is not big money. If he works hard and automates his business, he can even make Rs.20,000 a month. But he is a happy-go-lucky guy.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Internet Enterprenuer

I was traveling in a bus from Hamilton to Wellington in New Zealand. An Indian in his late twenties was sitting next to me. He was restless, looked tired and avoided eye-contact. As I had to travel with him for 6 hours, I decided to break the silence.
"Do you like this country?" I asked him. "A fugitive has no choice. He must live wherever he can find shelter and food and must be ready to leave that place at a moment’s notice," Akash, that was his name, replied.
"What’s your problem?" I asked him. Akash said, "I was running a small real estate business in India and I was doing well. A few months back, I collected Rs.5 lakhs as fixed deposits from my customers. I lost that money in a fateful ‘cash’ transaction. I requested my depositors to wait for a few months so that I could set things right. But, the moment they came to know that I did not have any money, everyone demanded one’s money back! So, I left India without informing anyone. My sister is living in this country. I don’t know how long I can stay with her. I do menial part-time jobs in restaurants. This petty cash takes care of my personal expenses. But, how am I going to repay my debts? I did not steal the money and I want to repay my debts. But, no one believes the truth in my heart. I am a fugitive without a future."
"What a coincidence! Tomorrow Kiwi Television will start telecasting the serial ‘The Fugitive.’ It will run for more than two years. Have you ever heard about it?" I asked him. "No," said Akash.
I narrated the story, "It is the story of a pediatrician, Dr. Richard Kimble, an innocent victim of blind justice, falsely convicted for the murder of his wife, reprieved by fate when a train wreck freed him en route to the death house, freed him to hide in lonely desperation, freed him to change his identity, freed him to toil at many job, freed him to search for a one-armed man he saw leave the scene of the crime, freed him to run before the relentless pursuit of the police lieutenant obsessed with his capture…" Akash interrupted, "It’s quite moving."
"Richard Kimble is a man of higher values. His fugitive life brings him into contact with all types of people and he becomes a master of human nature. Finally, the truth in his heart – even though it is a drop in the ocean – saves him and he becomes more prosperous and more famous than he was before becoming a fugitive. There is no reason why you can not solve your problem with the truth in your heart and higher values," I told him. Akash did not reply.

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"The Fugitive is one of the most successful television serials in the world. Rosenzweig, a devotee of the serial, says that the Fugitive has entered into American cultural history as an influential icon. When the last episode aired in 1967, it was seen by 82 million people, that is, 72% of American households. But the story of Richard Kimble went on to inspire many future events and trends in the society. In 1972, the American Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision in Furman v. Georgia case that invalidated hundreds of scheduled executions. It noted that because of ‘the difficulties inherent in reliably determining whether one-armed men or other unknown parties may in fact be responsible for the crimes attributed to pediatricians and similarly innocent citizens falsely convicted of murders,’ capital punishment should be abolished," I told him.
"Yes, television serials and movies have the power to influence the society. But, what is there for me in this serial?" Akash asked me.
"You understand the power of the television serials. Each popular serial has millions of fans. Why don’t you create a web site or an Internet discussion forum on a good serial and publish transcripts, comments, behind the scene stories and trivia? You can earn money through ads and sale of related books, posters and video. Even if a fraction of the fans come to your site, you can make decent money working from home."
Akash meditated over my suggestion for a few minutes and then said in a hesitant voice, "I don’t have interest in computer or the Internet business. I would like to do something related to real estate." I smiled and told him, "A fugitive has no choice. He must do whatever work he gets." Akash too smiled.
"Yes, you got me. I would like to start a website on the Fugitive television serial," he said. "It’s a resourceful idea. In the past 30 years, it has been a popular drama whenever and wherever it was telecasted. Go ahead with it," I encouraged him.
Akash called me over telephone after three months, "I borrowed tapes from the video library and watched all the episodes. Then I learnt how to create a website and promote it. Last week I launched my website. I am updating it regularly and promoting it actively." I became a regular visitor to his discussion forum. Whenever I visited the website, I saw some improvement and progress.
After two years, Akash called me and said, "In the first four months, I did not see even a cent. But I did not give up. I kept asking myself how I could improve my site and how I could serve my visitors better. Then a small stream of income started. Over time it grew. In the last two years, I have earned more than Rs.8 lakhs and I have repaid all my debts. I have a savings of Rs.3 lakhs. I am going back to India," Akash said happily. "I am glad to hear that. I wish you all the best in your new real estate business," I told him.
"What do you mean?" Akash asked me, "I have nothing to do with real estate business. I am an Internet entrepreneur."
* * * *

How to Create Money Out of Nothing--NEWZEALAND'S STORY

I was sitting in my white Honda car and looking at the cheerful ducks swimming in the beautiful Hamilton Lake in New Zealand. It was a peaceful evening. Suddenly someone tapped at the window. It was Pratap, an Indian settled down in New Zealand. I let him inside my car.
After a few minutes of general chat, Pratap said to me, "I am in depression. I came to New Zealand to earn money and become rich. But, I am not able to get any good job. I am a postgraduate in Economics and am working as a part-time truck driver and earn less than $500 a month. Without $1500 a month it is difficult to have a tolerable standard of living. My friends say encouraging words whenever I need them. But that won’t do any good because I have to pay bills. Can you help me?"
I replied, "I am a strong believer in self-employment. You have a lot of free time. If you are willing to take up internet related projects, I can give you some ideas." "That’s what I want from you. I know how to browse websites and use email system. I am not sure whether there will be any suitable projects for my humble skills," Pratap was not confident.
"Internet is subtle and is many times bigger than physical world. It offers opportunities for all levels of skills and talents," I assured him and asked, "Do you think there would be other migrants who have problems similar to the ones you have?" "There are millions of migrants all over the world. I am sure at least 15% of them have difficulties," said Pratap. "Well, very well, then we have a hot project," I told Pratap, "If you start a blog for migrants, you can make money."
Pratap was silent for a few moments and said, "That is not possible. These people don’t have enough money for survival. Do you think they will pay to access my blog? And I don’t know what a blog is." "You pay a few cents to buy a copy of the newspaper, though the actual cost will be more than $10. The major portion of the production cost is borne by the advertisers. So, you get it at a low price. I will tell you how to make money without taking money from your customers," I told him.
"But I don’t have any money to invest in the project," Pratap was worried about money. "I will tell you how to make money out of nothing. You will learn to create money without investing any money. But there is a catch. You must work hard." "That makes sense. I am ready to work for 48 hours a day!" Pratap was all smiles and asked me, "What is blog?"
"I got some definitions from a website on blog. A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is ‘blogging’ and someone who keeps a blog is a ‘blogger.’ Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog. Postings on a blog are almost always arranged in chronological order with the most recent additions featured most prominently," I told Pratap. "Please tell me more," Pratap requested me.

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"A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent entry at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom. If you start a blog on non-vegetarian cooking, you will publish your thoughts, ideas, experiences, advice, stories, jokes and tips on cooking on your blog regularly using internet. Each thought is an entry. Your readers will post their comments on your thoughts on your blog site. You can start a blog on any topic. But your topic must be useful to others. Only then they will read your blogs." I told him.
"I have heard about bulletin boards and forums. How does blog differ from them?" Pratap asked me. "Any member can start a thread – topic – and others can join the discussion. However, in a blog, only the blogger can start a topic. Others can only comment on the blogger’s topic."
"Is it easy to learn how to blog?" Pratap asked. "If you know how to browse internet, you can start your own blog. In fact, blogging is as easy as configuring your email accounts!" I replied. "So, you think I can start a blog about the problems of migrants. Other migrants will visit my blog and read my online journal. How will I make money?" Pratap asked me. "Sponsorships, network advertising, RSS advertising, saleable content, affiliate programs and professional blog writing are some of the ways you can make money from your blogs," I told him and I spent the next fifteen minutes explaining to him about the income generation methods.
"How will people find my blog?" Pratap asked me. "You will have to promote your blog offline and online just like a website. There are blog search engines and blog networks. If you visit websites on blogging, you will get tones of ideas to attract readers," I replied.
"How much will it cost to start a blog?" Pratap asked me. "There are many blog hosting services where you can get a free account. First you start with a free service and learn all the tricks of the trade. Then when you start earning money, you can move on to commercial blog hosting services. This means you can start your own blog without spending any money," I told Pratap.
"I will start my blog within a week," Pratap said with confidence and took leave. I received an email from him recently. "…I was able to setup my own blog within a week. I worked hard, did a lot of research and created useful content. Though I did not get even one visitor in the first two months, I kept my blog always fresh. In the third month, my blog attracted a few visitors and every day the number of visitors increased. Now I am in the tenth month and I have thousands of regular visitors. Just now I received my first cheque from the advertisers for Rs.35,000 and I feel this amount will go up and up in future. My investment is my idle time and hard work. I have made this money without investing any money. Thanks

The Day of prosperity

Ram had a complaint against me. "I have been reading your articles for months. I visited dozens of websites last week. But, no website gave me any money. I don’t know what to do!"
"Who told you that you would get money if you browsed internet? Don’t you know that there is no free lunch in the world?" I asked him. "You want to become a doctor. I tell you that there are many medical colleges in the country and I give you the details of the courses and opportunities available for a medical college aspirant. Do you think you will get a seat in a medical college after just listening to my words or after visiting dozens of medical colleges?"
"No. I must prepare for the entrance exam, work hard, score high marks and then apply for a seat," Ram replied.
"Internet world is a newer and higher version of physical world. It removes many of the obstacles and barriers we face in the physical world. But, the fundamental rules of business have not changed," I told Ram and continued, "Websites are internet versions of physical offices, physical businesses and physical organizations. Many people think that if they visit some websites, they will get money. That is superstition. For example, you want to have your own house. You visit the offices and construction sites of all the builders in the world. Will the builders give you a free house? If you want to make money on the internet, you must start a business or provide a service."
"Do you mean it is difficult to make money on the Internet?" Ram asked me. "Making money on the Internet is easier than making money in the physical world. I think you have misunderstood the term ‘easy.’ If you acquire good knowledge of how internet business works and then work hard, you will make decent money. There can be no doubt about it," I replied.
"I see many websites on the world wide web that promise to give me high income assignment if I pay them $100. Can I try a few of them?" Ram asked me innocently. I replied, "If you have a lot of money and don’t know how to spend it, send the money to National Relief Fund or just buy something useful to your parents or children. Please don’t waste your hard earned money on such dark offers. Here is the golden rule. Never pay upfront fees to get paid. I don’t say that all the offers are bad. But, individuals don’t have the resources to evaluate such offers. For each good offer, there are hundred scams. It is always better to err on the safer side."

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Ram was silent for a few moments and then mumbled, "Last week I paid $75 to a website. They promised to get me work worth $10,000 every month. But, after I paid the money, I did not hear from them."
"And you are educated!" I exclaimed. "If you had paid the money through credit card or pay pal, you are in luck. Contact the credit card processing company or the merchant and ask them to cancel your order and refund your money immediately. They will certainly try to change your mind by sending you beautiful and well-written emails. But, ignore these mails. Demand your money back. If they don’t cancel your order and refund your money within five business days, contact your bank or credit card company, and request them to reverse the charge. Don’t forget to print out the emails and web pages and keep them safe in a file. In 99.99% cases, you will get the money back. However if you had paid by cash or by other means, you can debit your account book with ‘Purchase of Knowledge Account’ and pray to God for the recovery of money."
"Thank you. I paid by credit card and I hope to get my money back." Ram was relieved and said, "I am unable to work out a good business plan. I don’t know what to do or where to begin. On behalf of all the readers, I request you to start step by step self-employment money making courses. That will help us to have a concrete direction."
"I agree. I will start a few step by step money making courses on the website http://Seekluck.com/. I will launch these free courses for the benefit of the New Indian Express readers on December 27th. I will take up projects that can be done by all. But, please understand that reading the course materials can only give you knowledge. You must work hard to build your own business. Are you happy now?" I asked him. Ram smiled with satisfaction and said, "I hope that day turns out to be my prosperity day."
I said, "I wish sincerely that December 27th becomes the prosperity day for all entrepreneurship-aspirants in India."